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Integrity is our cornerstone, and a win-win situation is our goal.
Keep the craftsman spirit and be a good craftsman.

Guangzhou Meibo Stage Lighting & Audio Equipment Factory is a professional stage lighting manufacturer in South China. It mainly produces moving headlights, beam lights, LED stage lighting and other company products with novel styles and excellent materials. It is widely used in KTV, outdoor performances, bar lighting equipment, etc. Engineering Applications. Professional technology, scientific management, and integrity management, the company's products have been recognized by the majority of users, become a stage lighting manufacturer with strength and integrity in Guangzhou.

Formal enterprise, quality assurance
Learn, read, make us stronger!
Advanced custom solution, Widely recognized by users
Successfully solved the stage lighting system project for tens of thousands of advanced KTV, bars, di bars, performances, concerts and entertainment venues.
Rich and complete product line, Meet different needs
Focusing on the field of lighting system engineering integration, we have a group of skilled and experienced professional technical engineering teams.
Deep drilling for many years of expertise
Tailor-made solutions according to your needs, avoiding engineering waste, ensuring that every detail is flawless, and perfect after-sales service gives you peace of mind.
Uncompromising execution standards
Many years of experience in stage lighting engineering, a large-scale professional lighting system integration engineering company integrating production, sales, design, installation and leasing.
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